GPS tracking systems, chipsets, antennas and accessories to get the most out of GPS. Accomplished in a range of applications, GPS Outfitters with over 25 years of experience has the GPS solutions to match your needs.

Geotab Plug-and-Play GPS Tracking

Geotab Plug-and-Play GPS Fleet Tracking

The world's largest provider of GPS fleet management solutions. Improves driver behavior, enhances driver safety as well as on-road productivity and cuts operating costs. Plug in and transform the way you mange your business.

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Active GPS Antennas

High-Gain, Low-Draw Active Antennas

Boost the weak signal and increase performance in the most demanding locations. Intelligent electronics matches the voltage specs of all recreational receivers (2.5-5.5VDC).

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Interchangeable Antenna Connectors

Interchangeable Universal Antenna Connectors

MCX, SMA, SMB, BNC & TNC connectors provide attachment to all popular GPS Receivers. Screw-in base allows an antenna to be interchanged between different receivers.

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Using GPS with Maps DVD Kit
Using GPS with Maps

Hands-on DVD guide to using topo maps & coordinate systems with GPS ...

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MicroMouse Active GPS Antenna
MicroMouse Active GPS Antenna

Don't let the small size fool you, this is a top performing active antenna ...

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Geotab GO6 Tracking Device
Geotab GO6 Tracking Device

Real-time tracking, accident notification, engine diagnostics, trip reporting ...

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